Saturday, May 28, 2011

Race Report: Blackfoot 50k

What a day. I did it and accomplished my goal of braking 5 hours. Just barely sneaked in with 4:54. Everything went according to plan for the most part. My taper was good and I felt fueled and ready to race come race morning. Got to the start thanks to Aaron and went to set up my nutrition. I wasn't nervous, long running race with only 90 competitors means mellow. There is no start / finish lines per say. A timer’s tent with a table and some volunteers did the trick. To finish you run to the tent and tell them you’re done. Mellow. Anywho. Started off reserved. Though I went with the lead pack at the start. The eventual winner was already gone by the 2k mark. I thought the lead pack would be being but it spread out quickly. “Green Shirt Guy” and I stayed together until around 10k. The pace was around at 5:00/km, right where I wanted it. I was in second place going into the second and last lap. I felt really great, really great. No breathing issues, legs still fresh as they can be for having run 25k on trails. Grabbed nutrition and left. On the way out, I saw how close the lead pack was. “Green Shirt Guy” was still behind me followed by “White Shirt Guy,” “Blue Shirt Guy,” “Orange Shirt Guy.” They were closer together and were able to stay in second up until 40k. At 40k I hit the wall. No gradual decline except that I found it was harder to feel hydrated at around 35k. Had to start walking / running. My lower back seized up and my legs felt like stumps. Uphills were a breeze; it was the downhills that hurt. Even haven blown up I still had a great time. Aaron and Laura were the best crew to have. The sun was out and it got a little hot which was nice and might have evened out my tan lines. The biggest thing I learned about racing long distance was how much more you have to run the distance or at least very close to it. My legs gave out because I had only one run at 45k in training. So next time (which is not going to be next week at Fallen 4, eff that) more training at distance. I’m going to shift my focus to biking and swimming now. Less running for a while. Post race Josh got me a blizzard and it was the best blizzard ever.


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