Sunday, June 26, 2011

Race Report: KALRATS Sprint*

*The bike leg is only 18k due to traffic concerns I think and due to the chop, the swim was shortened at the last second. Literally, under 30 seconds to start the buoy floated away.

I tapered fairly well, though I tried to do some intensity leading up. Yesterday I did do a open water swim clinic with a 800m time trial as well as a short 15k bike ride and 5k run, both easy. 13:40, 40 seconds slower then the big pool but also stopped to adjust my goggles a few times. Didn't like swimming in my goggles. So this morning I warmed up in the water without them. I could actually make out the buoys and the beach. I was told "You're not wearing any goggles" upon which I replied with a smile "Yup, works better without them." The swim time was an 11:34 with a 1:32/ 100m pace. But again it was a shortened swim. I thought I was going to barf with all the chop. Once we turned back to the beach, I was finally able to breath bi-laterally and swim with a decent stroke. Sighting was awesome without goggles. Exited the water 9th. I'm happy with T1 at 1:03. I need to have a better mount, I run with cleats on out of transition. The bike course is a bit rolling and I felt I pushed it hard. I want to work on the bike more, a 36.k km/h average needs to be improved. Bike split was 30:36. I ended up in 3rd at the turn around. I hammered on the hills to try and put some distance on the guys behind me. One guy caught me near the end and I stayed just out of the drafting distance all the way to T2. I knew I had the legs on him. Good transition, I leave my cleats clipped in. I wasn't that far away from the guy who passed me on the bike and kept him in view. There were 2 steep hills and I knew I could out run him. Just before the turn around on the run I caught him on the downhill. I stayed right on his heels until the last downhill and the flats before the finish. I hammered home and never looked back. Finished third overall, first in my age-group. Averaged a 4:10 pace for a 20:10 run split. Happiest about the run split. Final time 1:04:10.


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