Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week of Oct 3rd, 2011

Mon: Swim 1 hour

Tue: Run 45 min x 2

Wed: Did not run Frank's

Thu: Swim

Fri: driving

Sat: prob nothing

Sun: Raced Okanagan Half.  Really should have warmed up.  Went out hard and tried to stay within sights of the leaders.  Not warming up in any way resulted in getting a wicked awesome shin splint at around 3.5 km.  Slowed down, didn't go away, stopped stretched it out and got going again.  Got back up to speed and started reeling people in the best I could.  "Navy shirt guy" was in sights the whole damn time and I thought I could stay on his heels for the sake of running with someone who wasn't jogging the marathon.  He kicked and I didn't see him again.  Next was "Red shirt guy."  He was just far enough ahead to keep in sights and used him to keep the pace high.  Once on Abbott,  I put in the last digs and gained ground on "Red shirt guy"  I came around the corner and didn't think I was going to be sprinting to the line.  I didn't care so much about beating him but I saw the clock and it said 1:29:45 and it was counting up quickly.  I jumped just to stay under 90 minutes and finished with a 1:29:54, 20th overall and 5th in AG.  I'll take it for a PB!

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