Monday, May 7, 2012

Velocity Stage Race

The low-down:  
Got a race license as motivation to ride more.  Haven't ridden enough during the week or at all because of school.  Ironically I was writing a paper on running and bike riding.  The most recent fitness I have gotten in was a big weekend week of April 16th and riding the rollers twice.  This was my first ABA Road Race.

Got into a really good head-space for the weekend.  I was excited but not nervous.  Racing the Spring series helped.  I dug real deep for the TT and I was happy with my result (14:02, 5th Cat 5).  I have fitness but I have to ride my bike more.  Big thank you to Josh for loaning me his wheels and aero helmet.  Saved me a lot of time.  In the Crit, I was successful in making a breakaway group, stayed with the breakaway group and took second on the prime lap.  As a Bowcycle guy was trying to get me to go to the front again, a Pedalhead guy jumped.  I was in the right gear and saw him start up in the corner of my eye.  I jumped right on his wheel and stayed with him.  Getting around him for first was another matter.

To improve upon:
Riding my bike more.  This shall happen now that I have finished school for awhile.  Be more aggressive at holding my position in the peloton or break.  Stay in the lines.  Got a warning for yellow line violation (which in this case is confusing because there is no painted lines on the narrow roads, not once did I cross over to gain position [I feel]).  Find out what the hell is wrong with my wheel because I've had like 6 flats in 7 rides.  I got a flat in the road race and that took me out of GC contention.  Look through the corners more.  There were times when I didn't brake at the right time or braked too much or didn't have my weight low enough.  On the last lap of the Crit I fell to the back of the group as people jostled for position.  Had I been more aggressive at holding my spot maybe I could have had a better finish.  EDIT: Stay on my line and don't cut people off.

But nevertheless I had an awesome weekend of racing.  I worked really hard to try and get back on in the Road Race and I'm really happy about that effort.

I owe Reinier beers!


  1. Great effort this weekend Keegan, and I appreciate your coming to talk to me after the crit.

    I might see you up at Pigeon Lake, although it's one of those races where you have a better chance of getting injured than podiuming, so I haven't decided yet.


    1. Reinier I owe you beers, or a lead out, or tubes or homemade brownies. Yeah, Pigeon Lake is sketchy and I've seen the damage done. Let me know if you head up. I'm thinking I'll be at Tour de Bowness.