Thursday, July 26, 2012

Edmonton ITU Race Week, July 2nd to July

Mon: nothing
Tue: Swiming, jog?
Wed: Felt bad, nothing
Thu: Felt shitty
Fri: still felt shitty but better enough to run for 20 minutes
Sat: 1 lap of the pond
Race Plan
    Swim: eyes up, don't let your head drop; full stroke right to the bottom; enter with a bent arm, no slapping the water
    T1: wetsuit off quick but keep moving; shoes on in T1
    Bike: smooth pedal strokes; sit tall on the climbs
    T2: leave shoes on bike; keep it smooth
    Run: crown up; legs spinning out behind me; landing w/ a bent leg.
Sun: Edmonton ITU
Well that did not go completely according to plan.  The "Felt shitty" above indicates that I was sick.  Super sick.  Thursday I slept for 17 to 18 hours because of a cold.  It was in the high 20s and I had a cold or flu, something was not right.  I wasn't feeling particularly race ready Friday or Saturday but I thought I would be able to string something together for Sunday.  Almost.  Morning of, I was still coughing bad. I was relaxed alright but had to drink way more water then I wanted to before a race.  It was also the hottest weekend in Edmonton in many many moons.  No wetsuit for the swim.  The new tri suit for Worlds was awesome, no sagging.  Into the toilet water we went, I felt good in the water, kept thinking about form and my stroke.  A few times I may have been a little too far off course.  Came out in 26ish mins.  T1 is long so I didn't rush to my bike.  I passed everyone that came out of the water with me at the mount line.  Shoes on was a good idea.  I biked hard, damn hard.  Josh lent me his wonderful wheels again.  People looked as though they were sitting still on Emily Murphy.  No aero bars.  Bad entry into T2, didn't bother to take a peak in the morning.  Legs a little mushy but okay feeling like I could run.  I hadn't coughed much since before the start.  I began to get my legs under me and started passing people.  Felt like I actually pull off a decent race despite being so sick.  Then my head started to drop, form fell apart.  Not good.  Then the coughing fits arrived.  Pulled the cord, race was over.  Might as well pulled out but whatever.  Forgot how many laps I did.  Hung out with Stefan, Sanja, Dave, Bridget and baby Finn until Derek D. came by.  Even ran extra, didn't much care, even took my top off which is a big no no at ITU / Tri Canada events.  Well I executed my race plan to the best of my abilities and training.  Swimming training has been lacking all year but I didn't feel like it hindered my race.  Biking is so much fun, I won't ever stop.  I ran outa gas.  I tried to keep my form together but it doesn't work when you have to stop to cough out a lung.  Maybe I could say I need to train more but I put enough time in for a base and build.  I was just sick, another external factor that was outa my control.

No more blogging until I graduate and become a real adult.

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