Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple Triathlon 2012, #beatdustin

I did not feel like shit coming into this race (see Edmonton report).  This was a massive improvement.  Drove down with Double D on the Thursday and did some riding with Taylor and Dustin who were also going to be racing.  Dust got me into triathlons when we were 16.  I only knew breast stroke and a mountain bike to ride.  All of sudden there is so much more riding on this race.  Coach Tayelor was putting a lot of pressure on me to perform.  Tons of high school friends came out to watch.  It was a riot.

Too hot for wetsuits so I knew it would hurt me more.  I hadn't swum since Edmonton ITU because of school.  Start was a little tight and there was some hitting.  I started right next to a guy who rode a 40.7km/h average and marked him,  hoping to come out with him if possible but totally lost him.  At the start of the second lap, Dustin was right in front of me.  It is a race now folks, hot damn!  I have to thank him because I drafted him for two thirds of the 2nd lap.  He stopped for a brief moment and I tried to drop him.  I got on to somebody else's feet but then they got onto the feet of a fast female and ended up in limbo.  Dust was catching up.  We were right beside each other.  He was two or three steps ahead of me outa the water.   Slower then Edmonton, I swam a 27:58.  Need to be consistant leading up to worlds.

I beat Dustin outa T1 and was gone.  Turned on the burners and I motored past people.  I have the cycling legs, no issues.  Averaged 37km/h, super fun times.  Biked a 1:04 Felt good going into T2.

Start of the run felt good.  Felt like I had the legs and lungs.  I had been able to run 5 times in 4 days in the week leading up.  Just 25 to 30 minutes but consistant.  Then I started to bonk.  Had to hold it together during the middle of the run.  I had to walk an aid station and felt like vomiting.  I could say it was the heat or the disgusting gels but this is denying the real issue.  Due to a lack of consistent training over the last year I only have about an hour and 45 min of total race effort in me currently.  With about 3km to go I got off the struggle bus and had a better finish.  Managed a 44:50, which consisting how crappy I felt, it is surprising.

Super simple plan now.  More training, more consistently.  I've got 6ish weeks before worlds.  Time to put in some hard efforts and keep it consistent.

All and all, I am happy with the result I was able to muster.  A huge thank you to all my friends and my Dad that came out and for Coach Tayelor for putting on the pressure.  Christina and Raquel had some awesomely hilarious signs as well which I will try to find pictures of.

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