Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Plan For 2013

First off, I am not going to track workouts on Blogger anymore.  I have found that Google Calendar is better for this. This is going to be a dump for race reports and notes on training.

Second off, I feel like going to the 2014 ITU Age-Group World Championships. Is it in some exotic location. Hell no. It is in my backyard.  I may be insane to keep signing up for a race that has had major screw ups in the last two years.

So here is what the summer is shaping up to be (if it ever comes).
April 4th, Ski2Sea - nordic leg
April 28th, Spring Series race - likely only 1 will happen
May 11th, 5peaks Terwilliger - trail race
May 18th, River Valley Rumble - mountain bike race
May 19th, Spring Thaw - sprint (if it happens)
May 26th, Pigeon Lake - road race
June 8th, 5peaks Sunridge - trail race
June 22nd, Devon GP Crit - road race...maybe
June 23rd, Edmonton ITU - olympic
July 1st, Canada Crit - road race
July 7th, Perogy XC - mountain bike race
July 21st, Peach Classic - olympic
August 10th, 5peaks Fish Creek - trail race...maybe
August 18th, Apple Triathlon - olympic

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