Sunday, February 3, 2013

Block 1: Week of Jan 21st, 2013

New idea: view training in 2 week blocks, I'm thinking there will be better continuity in terms of training hours; more HR data too
Jan 21: rev 1:30h (avg 155bpm, max 170bpm)
Jan 22: rev 1h (avg 160bpm); stairs 30min
Jan 23: nordic ski 2h w/ some intervals
Jan 24: swim 1h
Jan 25: rev 1h (HRM died)
Jan 26: nothing
Jan 27: Race: Apple Loppet 30k 2h (avg 172bpm, max 187bpm)
Week 1 total time: 9h

Jan 28: nothing
Jan 29: nordic ski 1h; stretching 30min
Jan 30: nordic ski 1.5h w/ 4x10min @ ~160bpm avg
Jan 31: nothing
Feb 1: rev 1h
Feb 2: nordic ski 1h
Feb 3: nordic ski 1h
week 2 total time: 6h

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